Launch of IGC 2024 Local Organizing Committee

Date 10 November, 2020
Venue 12F, Metropolitan City Hall, Busan, South Korea
Contents Local Organizing Committee is launched to help prepare more efficiently for the 37th International Geological Congress

MOU among 3 Local Host Organizations
(KIGAM-GSK-Busan Metropolitan City)

Date 15 July, 2020
Venue 7F, Metropolitan City Hall, Busan, South Korea
Contents Signing of MOUs with the 3 organizers of IGC2024, Geological Society of Korea (GSK), Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (KIGAM) and Busan Metropolitan City.

International Union of Geological Sciences 74th Executive Committee Meeting
(IUGS EC Meeting)

Date 15-18 January, 2020
Venue Ibis Ambassador Busan Haeundae Hotel, Busan, South Korea
Contents Holding the IUGS EC meeting in Korea to strengthen collaboration between IUGS and the Local Organizing Committee of the 37th IGC. It was also an opportunity to promote the many varied activities of IUGS among the community of Earth scientists in Korea in preparation for the 2024 Congress.