Scientific Program

T1 Sedimentary Geology
T2 Quaternary Geology
T3 Earth History and Stratigraphy
T4 Tectonophysics
T5 Planetary Sciences
T6 Metamorphism
T7 Volcanology
T8 Petrology
T9 Structural Geology
T10 Geomorphology
T11 Paleontology and Paleoanthropology
T12 Resource Geology and Economic Geology
T13 Mineralogy
T14 Low Temperature Geochemistry
T15 Paleoclimate and Paleoceanography
T16 Coastal, Marine and Lacustrine Geosciences
T17 Geoscience in Alpine and Polar Regions
T18 Groundwater and Hydrogeology
T19 Geobiology
T20 Biogeochemical cycles
T21 Environmental Geosciences
T22 GIS and Remote Sensing
T23 Seismology
T24 Geophysics
T25 Geotechnology and Geophysical Exploration
T26 Geoscience Education
T27 Geoheritage, Geopark, and Geotourism
T28 Forensic Geology and Medical Geology
T29 Engineering Geology and Geomechanics
T30 Urban Geology
T31 Geohazards
T32 Mitigation and Adaptation in Climate Crisis
T33 Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Geoscience
T34 Energy and Carbon Neutrality
T35 Geoscience and Policy
T36 Management of Radioactive Resources and Waste
T37 Deep-Time Digital Earth: IUGS DDE Sessions
T38 Anthropocene
T39 Geoethics and Societal Relevance of Geosciences
T40 History of Geological Sciences
T41 Mathematical and Computational Methods for the Geosciences