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Field Excursions in China


The depositional sequences and evolutionary history of the north China carbonate platform of early Paleozoic
  • Geologic Age : Paleozoic (Cambrian, Ordovician)
  • Area : Beijing, Shanxi Province, Henan Province

Plate-spine breccias, Wumishan Formation of the Mesoproterozoic, West hills of Yanshan Mountains, Beijing

Loop beddings


Stratigraphy, paleontology and paleo-ecological environments of fos sil dinosaurian eggs concentration area in Xixia, Xichuan and Liguanqiao basin, Henan Province
  • Geologic Age : Mesozoic (Cretaceous)
  • Area : Xixia and Yunxian in Henan and Hubei provinces
  • Start and end : Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing, and Xixia or Yunxian cou nties in Henan or Hubei provinces

Xixia Dinosaur Museum and dinosaurs eggs
(more than one hundred thousands of egg s found in this area)

Dinoasur bone


Volcanic landforms at Wudalianchi, Heilongjiang Provience
  • Geologic Age : Cenozoic (Quaternary)
  • Area : Heilongjiang Province

Wudalianchi Volcanic landscape in Heilongjiang Province




Mesozoic stratigraphy and faunae in the Luanping-Chengde region, Hebei Province
  • Geologic Age : Mesozoic (Cretaceous)
  • Area : Chengde in Hebei province and Yixian in Liaoning province
  • Start and end : Beijing Capital International Airport to Chengde and Yixian

Local fossil assemblege of the Rehol Biota in the Chengde Area, Hebei Province, China

Paleo-plant fossil of the Rehol Biota

Sinosauropteryx in the Liaoxi Biota


Mesozoic and Cenozoic paleobiocoenoses in Shandong Province
  • Geologic Age : Mesozoic and Cenozoic
  • Area : Central Shandong
  • Start and end : Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing, and Jinan, via Zibo, Linqu and Hucheng before reaching Qingdao, the destination

Zhu-cheng Dinosaur Museum, Zhu-cheng city, Shangdong Province

The world's highest Duckbilled dinosaurs - Zhucheng dinosaur (9.1 m high, 16.6 m long)


BIFs and related rocks field excursion in Yishui County, Western Shandong Province, Eastern Block of North China Craton
  • Geologic Age : Precambrian (Neoarchean to Paleoproterozoic)
  • Area : Yishui area, Western Shandong, China

Hanging wall of the orebody

Pegmatitic intrusion in the bottom wall

Banded magnetite ore