2022 Geopark Forum


Day 1

[Opening Ceremony and IGC Trophy Handover]

[Congratulatory Remarks]

Dr. Heong-joon Park

Mayor, Busan Metropolitan City Republic of Korea

[Congratulatory Remarks]

Dr. Weon-seo Kee

President, The Geological Society of Korea

[Congratulatory Remarks]

Dr. Bok-chul Kim

Chairperson, National Research Council of Science & Technology

[Congratulatory Remarks]

Dr. John Ludden

President, IUGS

[Welcome Message]

Dr. Dae-kyo Cheong

Chairperson, IGC 2024

[IGC Trophy Handover]

Dr. S. Raju

General Secretary, Geological Survey of India

[Special Speech]

[Special Speech]

Dr. Dhiraj Mohan Banerjee

Former Professor, University of Delhi

[Keynote Speech]

[Wonderful life in Geopark]

Dr. Soo-jae Lee

Scientist Emeritus, Korea Environment Institute

[Session 1 : Our voyage to UNESCO Global Geoparks]

[Busan Geopark:Characteristics, Values and Geological Tourism]

Dr. In-sung Paik

Professor Emeritus, Pukyong National University

[Certification Process and Academic Advances of Mudeungsan UNESCO Global Geopark, Korea]

Dr. Min Huh

Professor, Chon-nam National University

[Past, Present and Future of Jeju Island UNESCO Global Geopark]

Dr. Yong-mun Jeon

Former researcher, Jeju Island World Natural Heritage Headquarters

[Session 2 : Geopark and Geotourism]

[(Online) Geotourism concept and good practices in UNESCO Global Geoparks]

Dr. Guy Martini

Chairperson, UNESCO Global Geoparks Council

[Geological World Heritage Sites and UNESCO Global Geoparks: A comparison]

Dr. Patrick McKeever

Special adviser, Global Geoparks Network

[(Online) Launch of National Geotourism Strategy: new opportunities for Australia’s tourism and regional development]

Dr. Young Ng

Principal Geoscientist, Danxiashan UNESCO Global Geopark

Day 2

[Field Trip]

[Field Trip]

Dr. Hyoun-soo Lim

Professor, Pusan National University

※ This program is subject to change.